The only tapeless, air flowing, and reapplying post-surgical device on the market


We created a tapeless functional shield that can be utilized in a wide variety of opthalmic procedures including cataracts, glaucoma, oculoplastics, trauma, and retina surgery.

☑ Improved Patient Outcomes

☑ Revolutionized Comfort

☑ Easy Application & Maintenance

☑ Eliminates Use of Extra Waste


  • Post-Surgery Care

    Postoperative procedures require a great deal of at-home patient care to ensure a full recovery. SNAPS Provides the simplicity and reusability of maintaining eye care from optimal results.

  • Sustainability

    With the use of reusable adhesive leads, we completely eliminate the need for seemingly endless rolls of tape used during recovery. This reduces maintenance costs as well as environmental impact.

  • Innovation Community

    SNAPS is a member of the growing innovation group IntermedLabs. Check out their website for more insights into medical technology innovation!

    Intermed Labs 
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